PDF Bomber 1.0

An easy-to-use tool to convert Word, RTF and HTML files to and from PDF
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PDF Bomber is an easy-to-use application that converts Microsoft Word, RTF, and HTML documents into PDF files, and vice versa (as a bonus, you can also transform a PDF file into a plain text document). You do not need to have any of the programs originally used to create these files in order to do all of these conversions.

The output settings offered by this tool are ignored for conversions from PDF, and very limited when PDF is the output – namely, you can decide on the page size and orientation. There is an option, available for all formats, which refers to the possibility of converting or not converting the images of the original file, but the lack of tutorials and standard help pages makes it difficult for any user to know what the results of this choice may be. My testing with different files, with and without images, with and without conversion, did not solve the mystery, as the results were always identical.

Conversions to PDF offer excellent results, and the rendition of the original layout (of both text and graphics) as it appears in the original HTML, Word, or RTF file, is actually of a high quality. Conversion from PDF to plain text files is a gratifying process – except for the accented characters which are represented as unrecognizable combinations of other ASCII characters. However, things change when you need to go from PDF to any of the other supported output formats. Having tried to convert from PDF to Word and RTF for a number of times, and using different types of documents as input (some with just text, others with a basic graphic layout, and others with full images), the results used for this review are far from satisfactory. A number of meaningless non-printable characters comprises the resulting files (cleary outnumbering the scarce portions of clear text) and make the final Word and RTF documents unreadable. It is unclear if this is an issue related to the tool itself or just to the trial version used, but regardless of where the problem lies, it clearly helps you refrain from registering.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast and good-quality conversions to PDF


  • Poor support of non-English characters, especially accented characters in other languages
  • Conversions from PDF to Word and RTF generate numerous control (or non-printing) characters


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